How To Lower the Risk of Mental Illness & CAMH online tutorials

As most of you know, I’m on a journey to expose myself to and learn as much as I can about the mental health field.  This is because I am pursuing training and a career in mental health!  I spend lots of time researching organizations, networking with people, taking courses and tutorials, and learning what I can about mental health.  It’s a pretty sweet way to spend my time!

I will be using my blog as a way to share (among other things) the truths and issues with mental illness as a way to reduce stigma and bring awareness to those around me.  Please especially read these posts!

Just as we do our best lower the chances of becoming ill physically by (for example) exercising regularly, eating healthy, and visiting the doctor for a routine check up, so can we do things to lower the risk of mental illness.

The below is adapted from the CAMH Mental Health and Addiction 101 Series: An Introduction to Mental Health.

Ways to Lower the Risk of Mental Illness:

– Learn healthy coping skills to deal with stress effectively

– Build self confidence to help in difficult situations

– Strengthen communication skills and understanding to reduce conflict with others

– Educate ourselves and become aware of mental illness and substance use/abuse

– Learn effective ways to keep our lives in balance (work, family, social)

I highly recommend all people go through the online tutorials CAMH provides.  There are 17 on a variety of topics including Youth and Technology 101 (new and at the bottom) which really interests me (might be another post altogether!).  This is basic information that can reduce the stigma and self-stigma of mental illness we all hold (without even realizing it).

Here’s to each of you and your own personal discovery of mental illness and health.  May your awareness ever increase.


3 thoughts on “How To Lower the Risk of Mental Illness & CAMH online tutorials

  1. I would just like to say that we need more of this in our world: people that help others educate themselves on the REAL topics in our world and lives; things that affect us, but we don’t really know about them.

    Thanks for doing this Megan and teaching me!

    Your husband,


  2. Upon further reflection, I would like to add another way to lower your risk of mental illness. It is the presence of prayer and the support of people in your life. Having a community of people you can be yourself with and will support you through your struggles is so important. And maintaining a spiritual life through prayer and conscious contact with God, I believe, will fortify you.

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