You Are Listening To Me When…

This is one of the amazing and thought-provoking resources that I received from the Mental Health First Aid Canada course.  I wanted to share it with you all.

You are NOT Listening to Me When…

  • You say you understand before you know me well enough
  • You have an answer for my problem before I have finished telling you what my problem is
  • You cut me off before I have finished speaking
  • You feel critical of my grammar, accent, culture, or way of doing and saying things
  • You are communicating to someone else in the room
  • You are dying to tell me something or want to correct me
  • You are trying to sort out the details and are not aware of the feeling behind the words
  • You need to feel successful
  • You tell me about your experience which makes mine seem unimportant
  • You refuse my thanks by saying you haven’t done anything

You ARE listening to me when…

  • You really try to understand me when I do not make sense
  • You grasp my point of view when it goes against your sincere conviction
  • You are aware that the hour I took from you has left you feeling a bit tired and drained
  • You didn’t tell me the funny story you were just bursting to tell me
  • You allowed me the dignity of making my own decisions even though you felt I was wrong
  • You didn’t take my problem from me but trusted me to deal with it in my own way
  • You gave me enough room to discover for myself why I felt upset and enough time to think for myself what was best
  • You held back the desire to give me good advice
  • You accepted my gift of gratitude by telling me it was good to know I had been helped



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