Meagan and JPs Extreme Home Makeover!

It happened on August 26th.

Our good friends Meagan and JP made a visit to our humble abode in East Toronto along with their dashingly joyous new little babe, Finn.  We ate tasty food, shared our lives, took a nice walk, and encouraged each other.

As we got close to the end of our visit together Meagan popped the question: “Meg, how much can I pay you to come over and organize our house?”

Of course I said: “Nothing!  I would love to do it!”

So we made a plan.  My husband (and organizing partner) and I would spend our long weekend at their place going through everything they owned.  After they left that day we immediately hunkered down and began to make a plan of action.

This is what it looked like:
1.Pray – emotional attachments and continue praying through clean up
 2. Order of priority:
-all of us: living room organized and ready to go and enjoy furniture set up
-girls: look at Finns room, assess, dream
-m+a: start bringing down boxes to living room, 6-8 boxes at a time
-m+j: Assess and go through, do not organize. Set up large piles of yes or no
No pile: turns into sell, donate, garbage, deliver to other people
Yes pile: turns into upstairs, downstairs
General Guidelines:
-2:1 ratio, no:yes
-can you take a pic of it and give it away and be satisfied?

Three days after starting, we were done!  Of course this plan above was tweaked and reshuffled as we learned how to work more efficiently.
I am so very proud of Meagan and JP (and Finn too), they worked tirelessly for three days to make their home an inviting, clutter-free, beautiful space for themselves to enjoy and Finn to grow up in.  Not to mention a beautiful space to entertain and share the love they have with others.  They were able to let go of a lot from the past; physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally.
I would also like to give thanks to Kevin, the lead pastor at The Eucharist Church in downtown Hamilton.  We spent Sunday afternoon at their service as a much needed break.  His sermon was on ‘Finding the Simplicity Beyond the Complexity’.  A perfect meditation on exactly what we were embarking on that weekend.  It helped me to focus when things were overwhelming and push through to the end.
And Meag, I’m so thankful that I could help you out in this way.  I never dreamed that my innate organization skills and desires could bless someone so much.  I am so thankful for your willingness to ask for help and the humility that took.  You are an example to me.
Please see a sneak peek below at some before and after pictures that Meagan took.  A glorious transformation!
p.s. Meagan is a professional photographer, please contact if you are interested in seeing more of her work.
A quote from Meag upon waking up the first morning in her new home:
     –“Meg, I can’t even begin to express what you guys doing this and spurring this on means to me.  To us.  We are so grateful.”
     -“There’s totally a felt need for this!!  I woke up and felt LIGHT. Light, light light.”

Meagan and JPs third floor loft midway through organizing: (there was more in the beginning)


The loft after:
The bedroom before:
The bedroom after:
A small collage of pictures of the house after:
If you would like to see more pictures or would like to de-clutter your life and have your home look like this, please leave me a comment below!  I’d love to hear from you.
Love and Light,

6 thoughts on “Meagan and JPs Extreme Home Makeover!

  1. I could really use your help on just my bedroom! It is a very tiny room with as much stuff as you can fit in it. It’s an organized mess. I’m so attached to everything, but if I had someone helping me, I think I could really begin to let go.

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