yoga teacher training + the definition of a friend

It’s official.  I will be embarking on the wonderful adventure of the 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training program at Octopus Garden!  This whole decision has been rather difficult for me, for a variety of reasons.  I’m thankful to all who have supported me in this!

I wanted to share publicly a beautiful email I received from my friend after I emailed her in the middle of the fear of it all.  I had just bought my books, put down my deposit, and secured my space, and I was a little nervous, afraid and overwhelmed you might say.

Here’s what she said, it was perfect.

But, Meg, don’t be afraid of the other religions!  You are an open-minded individual who has the wisdom and discernment to handle this.  You have honed your skills of sorting through and being selective about what comes into your physical body and you can do the same with your mental and spiritual body.  You do not need to be afraid – no one is trying to manipulate, convert or control you.  You KNOW the benefits of yoga for every person regardless of faith or background.  You will hold on to the good and then give it to others. 

You are amazing!  Don’t second guess yourself.

From the bottom of my heart, I just wanted to say thanks for this encouragement.  It has helped immensely!

I look forward to journeying through this training and personal development with each of you who are interested.  Please feel free to ask questions and challenge me!  I will be sharing the experience through my blog when appropriate.


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