Washington Square Park

This afternoon my beautiful husband and I spent a few hours in Washington Square Park! It was a beautiful day, reaching 30 degrees and there was a lot going on in the park.

We first were simply SHOCKED and appalled when we noticed a girl laying in the grass near us, naked. But It was nice and freeing to see others playing frisbee, doing homework from nearby NYU, doing yoga and martial arts, and plenty of babies and moms. There were people literally everywhere!

After reading for about an hour Andrew went to the monument to check out a couple guys playing some inspiring music. We listened to them for a while, definitely two dudes inspired by God! They’re skill was fantastic and the joy on their faces said more than anything else. Andrew bought their album.


I took a pic of this inspiring quote. I just love NYC.


When they finished playing we still had some time to kill and wanted to stay in the park.

It was then that Andrew grabbed me and said: Noel Crane is sitting on that bench. My heart started pounding-my fave actor from Felicity??? The one with the amazing smile??!! It can’t be. Especially since we’re in the NYU area in response to my deep and longstanding love (and perhaps slight obsession) with Felicity the tv show from the 90s. I couldn’t believe this to be true.

So although my awesome husband told me everything I should do, I didn’t have the courage or will at the time to approach Mr. Foley. And I was slightly unsure it was him bc of the small balding patch on the top of his head.

But I learned one thing. When push comes to shove I just care about the fantasy of Felicity. A slightly harsh reality to face. And not sure what to do with it. But I trust more will come from this experience than the intense emotions that I experienced for the 30 mins after. Wow-who would have thought.

If I see him again though I will be going up to him and introducing myself. And I will comment on how I wish HE got Felicity in the end and how the last episodes were rubbish quite frankly.


One thought on “Washington Square Park

  1. T and L and myself also enjoyed an extended afternoon at Washington Square Park on a very hot summer day a few years ago now. Funny…we also heard some awesome music and observed some “sights”.

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