“Handstands” by Liz Huntly

“Handstands” by Liz Huntly

The essence of this article is what i’m living, breathing, experiencing everyday as I go through the 200 hour teacher training.  I can’t do handstand, I know that.  I haven’t even tried and I have no desire to!  But I also can’t do downward dog, or chaturanga dandasana, nor upward dog, nor tadanasa!

I’m learning something new about tadasana (mountain pose) every day.  I’m learning about the intricacies of my body, about what ‘neutral’ is.  And it’s hard, lots of hard, purposeful, and seemingly unsurmountable work.  Pranayama (breathing) practice is currently the hardest each day.  My brain quickly becomes exhausted from having to focus on breath and breath after breath, even just for 15 or 20 breaths.  Who knew this work would permeate and penetrate me on a level i’ve never known.

And simply put, I love it!


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