Top 3 Reasons I Love Charleston


1. The Bikes. We took a stroll through the College of Charleston campus and on each rack there were tons of beautiful, colorful, clean, 50s style bicycles!!! They all added such life and art to the area.

2. The food and coffee culture. We went to Black Tap Coffee (an independent shop) upon arrival in Charleston. We felt like we were back home in Riverside. The owner was just lovely and told us that he really enjoyed the public transit in Toronto! And so we consider how useful and efficient the TTC really is. :). Might I also add that the people who were stopping in for their morning coffee (even those who stayed a while) did NOT lock up their bikes. I quite enjoyed the thought of such freedom and trust in a community.

3. Boone Hall Plantation. Upon recommendation from my good friend Natalie, we made a stop in at the Boone Hall Plantation. It was spectacular and incredibly picturesque. The best part was the Avenue of Oaks lining the long drive to the main buildings. (Sorry I didn’t take a pic with my phone). We also enjoyed a Gullah person speaking all about the culture, religion, cuisine, and work of the slaves that used to live on the plantation. An amazing and incredibly saddening history. But we are glad to know more about it. 🙂

I highly recommend a trip to Charleston, SC if you have the opportunity! Such history, art, and security in a lovely spot along the Atlantic. Next time we have to check out the islands. 😉


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