Restorative Pigeon

Tonight Andrew and I took a restorative yoga class and I learned a brilliant new pose. Who knew my fave pose could be done restorative style?! I instantly fell in love!

It is called restorative pigeon and here are the cues:

Sitting, bring your right leg in front, parallel with your mat. Bring your left knee to meet the right sole of your foot with your left foot flexed and alongside your left hip.

Place a block on its middle height about a foot in front if your right shin. Place a bolster starting at your stomach and extending to rest on the block. In class I used two bolsters for some extra height. Fold over the bolster with your head to the side. Stay here for 2 minutes, this is a shorter pose compared to most restorative poses.

This pose will do well to get into your hips where most of us are tight.





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