Viparita Karani and ‘sandbag’

One of my favorite yoga poses along with my husband is Viparita Karani or Legs Up the Wall. It is fantastic after a long day and helps to properly place the femur bones in the hip sockets. It regulates blood pressure and is incredibly relaxing. We just can’t get enough!

Today I led a restorative session for Andrew. And we came up with a brilliant solution since we weren’t at the studio and didn’t have access to a sandbag for his feet.

What do you think?????????



2 thoughts on “Viparita Karani and ‘sandbag’

    1. Hey Rose! Sorry for any ambiguity and confusion.

      In this pose it can be useful to lay a 5-15 pound sandbag on the soles of your feet to encourage your thigh bones to sink into the hip sockets. Personally, since my hamstrings are tight and my knees naturally want to bend in the pose, this is uncomfortable for me and I choose to leave the sandbag. It creates more work for me and of course in restorative we want to do no work and RELAX!!!

      Here’s the sandbags we have at the studio to give you and idea:

      Let me know if you have any more questions.

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