Lately my husband knows that I’ve been craving and craving ‘ju-jubes’, ‘jellies’, ‘gummies’, or anything of that sort. I’ve bought for the first time in YEARS wine gums, and ate so many ju-jubes if I can get my hands on them, my tummy feels pretty gross after.

Just a couple days ago, after a fantastic cheese burger (gourmet) lunch out with my love, we happened upon a health food store we’d never seen and wandered in. They had organic gummies (in the shape of zoo animals) that were gelatin free and sweetened naturally. It was love at first sight and I snatched up a little bag (and finished them within the next 1.5 hours)!

That afternoon I thought to myself, I must be able to make these on my own somehow…

And that is where the inspiration for this post comes. Today I’m sitting at the kitchen table enjoying a hearty wintery breakfast (steel-cut oatmeal with hemp, maple syrup, cinnamon and cut up pears) reading my recent Martha Stewart mag, and in there she has a recipe for GUMMIES!!!!!!!!

How does she know?

This happens time and time again…creepy.

Martha, I love you. šŸ™‚

Happy Friday everyone!


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