Halls Coughdrops: friend or arch enemy?

I am currently fighting the flu as I mentioned in my last post. I should be sleeping right now, but I’m not, due to a little experience I had with trying to relieve my persistent and dry cough.

Tonight I asked my loving and devoted husband to run out and grab me some cough drops to aid my pain! He willingly obliged (what a great man) and headed to Shoppers (really this was the first mistake, but what health food store is open at 10pm)?

The instructions were simple and he followed them well: as natural a cough drop you can find (meaning low or no artificial sugar), in a cherry/berry or lemon flavour.

This is what he came home with:


I was a little skeptical but was relieved that it said 100% pure honey on the front.

So I tried one.

And it was okay.

My husband mentioned to me that this particular pack had ‘sugar’ listed farther down the list than any others. But as I read the back of the package, I noticed it said: ‘ingredients (alphabetically):’!!!! So the order meant squat.

I noticed it wasn’t very ‘strong’ in menthol which made it seem more like a candy than a throat lozenge. But I chose to look past this (although not for long).

Halls did okay in the fact that the gross artificial sugary taste didn’t creep up on my tongue until I was onto the second one. And needless to say I spit it out ASAP.

All this talk and hate on sugar-what is the big deal you say? And it’s just a tiny lozenge, what is the real impact anyway??

Well, friends, if you didn’t know already, sugar, that is refined sugar, when put into your body, acts on and lowers your immune system within seconds. SECONDS. It is the exact opposite of healing! It reverses your symptoms and will bring you further away from health.

Just try it! I stopped eating refined sugar about 4 years ago and have gotten sick probably 2 times since then. Before stopping I was often sick, OFTEN. Just ask my hubbie.

About 5 mins after I spat out the second lozenge these were my NEW symptoms, (previously they did not exist in this magnitude):

-stuffed nose (previously not stuffed at all)
-runny nose, as I sit here it’s just running and running
-the runniness has caused me to blow more often, causing more dryness under my nose than the past 2 days, it is very painful
-a headache
-my temp went up .2 degrees.

Andrew said he knew it was a mistake after he paid for them. I plan on returning the other pack tomorrow!

So, Halls, friend or arch enemy? I think you know the answer.

Wishing you all much health and happiness!


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