A Whole Year

Today marks 1 year from my last day of full time work at the investment company!! I love to take anniversaries like this to heart and do my best to celebrate them and reflect. Today I will go out for lunch with my glorious husband and do just that. And to the same place we went one year ago today! (Albeit it was incredibly sunny and I was wearing a summer dress. Amazing, compared to this weather we’ve been having!)

There are so many God-glorifying accomplishments I experienced in this last year. And they all happened as a result of liberating myself from my job! I can’t say for sure that none of them would have happened if I had stayed, but I think chances are, that would be the case. And let the record show that this was not all sunshine, rainbows and white unicorns. Lots of rejection, fear, tears, and shouting matches with my husband accompanied. (Honey thanks so much for sticking by me and always believing in me!! I could not have done this without you.)

Let me share some of the accomplishments with you.

-turning 30 and celebrating with my family and friends, as well as taking a road trip down the US east coast with my husband (and visiting NYC again – one of my fave places) (ok if I was working this would have still happened)

-doing my yoga teacher training and literally growing so much as a human being, I’m not sure I can even describe it. And now going on to teach 2-3 times a week!

-changing my thinking around money and income and it’s ‘stability’.

-pursuing an honest career in something I deeply care about and I believe am gifted in (counselling). I have a grad school interview in 2 weeks!

-getting pregnant! I have a life growing inside of me (and us), and best of all I’m free to experience it and grow from it in indescribable ways

-working at The Mindfulness Clinic! I have an amazing part time job that has been nothing but a dream come true. The people I have met will continue to inspire me and be wonderful contacts in my future in psychotherapy!

There are probably 100 more little things to celebrate today, and I will do my best to find them. 🙂

In the end I give all glory and praise to God who enabled all this to happen when I decided to follow him (again) and let go of my life as I had organized it. The result has been beyond my wildest dreams!!

It also helped to have outside support and prayer from family and friends. Thanks to each of you! And also thanks to posts like these that inspire me. click here

Here’s to another year of fear, release, and praise.


2 thoughts on “A Whole Year

  1. Congratulations Megan on a wonderful year full of blessing after blessing. It’s so great that you are following God’s lead on your life. Thanks for being “you”. Love you so ❤

  2. Also I should have included Culture of Space in that list! Without letting go of my job, our venture would not have taken off. Please visit cultureofspace.wordpress.com!!

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