I have a love/hate relationship with swimming and I’ve decided to blog about it.

As a child, from the ages of 8-13 I swam competitively, and for the last few years that meant 6 times a week. I quit when I started to hate it. I couldn’t shake the smell of chlorine from my skin, developed an ulcer, and wanted to do other things with my teenage life. After quitting competitive swimming, I continued to swim less intensively and eventually helped coach our high school swim team which was great!!

Over the past 10 years since starting university, I have continued to swim off and on depending on my access to a pool and life circumstance.

Currently I am in a swimming phase! I am so thankful to have this skill, especially while pregnant. And especially to have a community pool a 2 minute walk from my house that provides lane swimming for free! This is one ‘love’ aspect of my relationship with swimming.

It was just last month I decided to buy a new bathing suit for my growing belly and make the commitment to swim weekly on Monday mornings and every other Friday morning. I have done a decent job maintaining this commitment I think.

One thing that I find hard is keeping my workout routine from becoming mundane. This is a part of the ‘hate’ aspect of the relationship. I enjoy swimming when there’s no one around, but recently when I got into a lane with 5 other people, it felt good! I really fed off the energy and pace of the others and it pushed me to swim faster and pass people.

Another super interesting thing was swimming for the first time since doing my yoga teacher training and gaining a significant amount of body awareness and anatomy knowledge!! With every flip turn and stroke I was analyzing: where’s this bone, which muscle does that. And this brought to light a lot of my specific tendencies and habits that I developed in my strokes over the years. Very cool stuff!! It also reinforced a lot of the things I learned about my body and it’s shape and flexibility as a result of swimming that came to light in yoga teacher training. Even cooler stuff! It all really blew my mind to be honest. Another ‘love’ aspect.

And so I keep swimming. I relish in the ease with which I can do this skill, and I hate how itchy and smelly it makes my skin. I love how it feels to swim while pregnant and wonder what the baby feels when I do a flip turn or dolphin dives, and I do my best to drag myself out of bed in the morning and put on my suit under my pjs and head out the door.

I love and hate swimming!!

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