Judge Not Yet Ye Be Judged – a post from the 889 blog

One of my fave yoga teachers blogs occasionally on the 889 yoga blog. Her most recent post REALLY struck a chord with me since I am entering parenthood and feel the pressures of being accepted by others and pleasing others at many turns. Everybody has an opinion about everything. And also I am finding myself judging others more often which, thankfully, this post has called me out on. I will strive to be less quick to judge those around me and how they parent their children (or any other thing they choose to do that I would not).

Praise God for the safe places and people in my life who accept me and Andrew and soon our baby as we are! We are so thankful for your presence in our lives. May we do what we can to surround ourselves in this love and acceptance as often as possible.

Please read Natasha’s post here.

Let’s know deep in our hearts that judging is in fact optional.

Love and light,


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