What Happens in the Day Will Dictate What Happens at Night

A number of months ago, I remember asking one of my yoga teachers about sleep. My questions were: what is the best position for sleeping and how can I ‘prevent’ harm from being done to my body at night via the sleeping positions I take. And even moreso, how could I actually help my body while sleeping!

His response: ‘What you do with your body in the day will most affect what happens in the night.’ This has stuck with me.

Originally it was more of an anatomical thought. Carrying myself properly, having balanced posture, and not compensating at all for weaknesses in my body during the day, would help me to sleep in a more balanced and safe way through the night, helping me to wake up feeling better. But now that i’m in my 9th month of pregnancy, I see his statement taking on a whole new meaning.

What I eat in the day, affects my sleep. What I do in the day; my postures, my exercise level, affect my sleep. I will even say that What I think in the day affects my sleep. (This last one seems hoaky and also insanely obvious at the same time to me). And it has taken me getting to my 8 and a half month of pregnancy, along with a cold, to realize all this. I seem to notice that for me, in pregnancy, everything is heightened. I am more aware of my body’s reactions to food, lack of sleep, sickness, mood swings, and general emotions.

And so, I am under the surveillance to be good to myself. To eat well, to stay hydrated, to be kind, to relax, to meditate, to pray, to worship, to do all that I know feeds me in the day. It should be this way everyday, but i’m thankful for this blatant reminder. And my reward? Good sleep. 🙂

May each pregnant woman in the world tonight sleep in peace and calmness.


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