With Deepest Gratitude

Last night as I was doing some restorative yoga, this post was born. When I pause and reflect on my life and where I’m at today, I hold such deep gratitude for the many women (and few men it turns out) who have supported me in the last 5 years on my personal journey towards truth.

I would like to take some time to speak briefly about each of them and express my appreciation.

My Holistic Nutritionist – Joy
It was many years ago, that Saturday evening when I realized I did not have a good relationship with food, and needed to learn to cook and enjoy it. After making a personal resolution to improve my eating habits and outlook on food, I went to Joy for inspiration. After a few strange miracles, I took her Eat Well Feel Well course and became deeply inspired by her work and her life. From learning directly about nutrition, to creating tasty new recipes, and even inspiration around mealtime prayer, I was rejuvenated. I still practice all these things I have learned today and try to pass on her message to those around me: Don’t count calories, fat is good, sea salt is a superfood, and there is no need to diet!

My Osteopath – Pam
What can I say, Pam! Words can not describe. I (and we) often reflect on the person I was when I first came in to see you. What a world away from where we’re at now. I have had countless sessions with you where it felt more like counselling than anything else; this is where my mind was simply blown. I can’t describe it any other way. Walking down the street, itching my eyes like crazy and then remembering you asked me if I had itchy eyes a few days previous and me promptly replying: No!
Just who you are is an inspiration. I never knew a person could have such attuned hands and eyes. You see things I didn’t even know could exist and you truly have brought about healing in me in ways I can’t describe. My liver will forever thank you, I have only gratitude.

My Naturopath – Dr. Love
Sue! Your very being is an inspiration. You help me to see things in myself that I was afraid to look at. You have shown me an alternative way to health. You were instrumental in helping us get pregnant and I think baby J knows this, judging by his huge smile every time he sees you. I am so thankful for the personal touch you bring to your practice.

My Chiropractor – Aliya
I fell upon treatment from Aliya out of convenience and instantly knew she was right for me at our first session. I was pregnant at the time, and how convenient it was for me that she had just returned from mat leave! So much personal sharing and honesty has helped me in these fragile new months with baby J. Best advice was to get a sitz bath. 🙂 Thanks Aliya!

My Pelvic Floor Physiotherapist – Anita
Anita actually mainly inspired this post as I was doing the ‘homework’ she assigned for me. She has dedicated her work to spreading the word about pelvic floor physiotherapy and how women need not suffer in silence anymore after birth. Let me just say that whatever issues you’re having after a vaginal delivery do not need to be – everything, and I mean, everything can go back to how it was and you need not suffer in silence. Feel free to contact me if you’d like more information about this.

Various Yoga Practitioners over the years – Pat, Scott, Jesse, Lisa, Sunny, Justin
You know you’ve been to a good yoga class when even 40 mins after it’s ended you’re on the streetcar and you can only describe the feeling you have as ‘miraculous’: modern-day (post modern-day?) miracles in class along with quotes to transcribe from my phone to my quote book. I have learned countless, countless, countless things from each of you and hold them in my heart! Your non-attachment is inspiring and your acceptance of how things are, grounds me.

There are so many other friends and people who have supported and helped me along in my journey. Each of them living out their lives with dignity, truth, and inspiration. Doing what they do because they love it and not because they needed to make a penny. Sharing from the heart, spreading love and accepting everyone is common among each of them!

With my deepest gratitude, I thank you.


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