My Saving Graces Part 1


Happy Valentine’s Day!

I would like to dedicate this post to my LOVELY husband who – it goes without saying – is a HUGE saving grace of mine.  I love you honey – I’m so glad to be doing this parenting thing with you.  You are a constant blessing to me, a ray of sunshine on my cloudiest of days.  I hope to continue to love you better and better each day as our marriage grows.  I love you!

So, from time to time there is a post on the Blooma Blog entitled ‘My Saving Graces’ where fellow Mamas share things that help get them through the tough days of motherhood.

I have been drafting a post of this nature for a few days.  Here are my Saving Graces (well the ones that help me most currently)!

1. Yoga.  Getting in some practice each week is tantamount to my personal happiness and mental health.  Moving my body and connecting to God in this way is foundational to me!  I especially love Hannah’s Flow & Restore class at Toronto Yoga Mamas on Tuesday nights. 🙂

2. The Bay.  Yes, you’ve heard right.  I love the Hudson’s Bay Company!!!  A simple stroll through their Queen St. flagship store and I’m happy again, especially when I haven’t been out of the house in a few days.

3. (100% Natural) Peanut Butter.  This is a new one.  I know peanut butter is a common allergen and harbours countless different moulds, but I can’t help myself!  It is cheap and a fantastic source of protein to keep my breastfeeding body feeling satiated.  Spread it on a rice cake with some honey/banana/coconut/cinnamon these days and i’m good to go!!!!

4. Baths.  Never, never, ever have I been such a bath person as I have since becoming a Mama.  A bath is the simple cure to a harried and tiring day with babykins.  The best part is you don’t even have to leave your house!  Bath salts, some essential oil, and a magazine and i’m soaking for the better part of an hour.

5. My neighbourhood.  I am continuously grateful for where I currently live.  I can leave my door and within a 15 minute walk be amidst some of the most wonderful shops, cafes, restaurants, second hand stores, and health food stores.  I wouldn’t exchange this for anything at this stage of life with baby!  You can find me most days (okay, a few times a week at most) at the Value Village down the street, best one in the city!

Alright, more to come on my saving graces in the future…there are countless practical things that help me remain sane and ground me these days.

If you have your own saving graces, i’d love to hear them!  Simply comment on this post!

Love and light to each of you on this beautiful Valentine’s Day 2015,


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