Non-Dairy Sources of Fat

Three years ago this month I took Joy McCarthy and Michelle Yui’s Eat Well, Feel Well Nutrition and Yoga course. It changed me in a number of significant ways!

This spring I am reviewing my notes from this class and revitalizing my diet, recipes, and working knowledge of food and nutrition. I am on a quest (again) to feel my best self (post-partum).

I am also VERY passionate about GOOD FATS. I encourage everyone to eat lots of good fats in their diets. Our society has dubbed fats as bad which has led to our decline in health. Good fats are good and are essential to a healthy body! And the best fats are not found in meat and dairy.

So…without further adieu, a list of good fats. Remember to eat these fresh and always store them in the fridge, especially all your nuts, seeds, and oils. 

Good Fats:

-Nuts (fyi peanuts are GMO, sprayed heavily and high in mold)

-Seeds (Flax is great. Martha Stewart April edition did a great article on seeds, with some cool recipes)

-Fish (sustainable and heavy metal/mercury free)


-Extra Virgin Olive Oil

-other Oils (coconut, sunflower, safflower, grape seed, almond, pumpkin seed, etc.)

-Hemp seeds



I could go into great detail on each of these points, but I will save that for another day. 

Happy fat eating people!!! 

Love M


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