Twenty-First Century Pablum

Hello People!

Here we are in the 21st century, isn’t it beautiful?!

We are living in a society that is increasingly aware of what we are putting into our bodies and how this impacts our health, lives, environment and economic stability. 

In light of this, I want to share with you a new and improved, healthy and yummy pablum for babies. Please bear in mind I am not a nutritionist, but I can guarantee that this little snack is super nutrient rich and free from those highly allergenic substances we all are trying to stay away from (wheat, dairy, soy).

Introduce chia and flax baby ‘pablum’. Simply mix one tablespoon chia seeds and 1/2 tablespoon ground flax with 1/3 cup nut milk (can be almond, cashew, or any nut, OR rice, hemp, coconut milk!)

Let sit in fridge overnight or for a few mins at the very least.  My husband added a little cooked rice for extra protein one morning and baby gobbled it up!

Babies of the twenty-first century, enjoy!

Happy baby-feeding.



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