I’m writing this from my bed at 5 am. Getting over jet lag with a baby is no small feat. Even if it’s only by 3 hours. 

While away on vacation for a month with my little family I learned a lot. A lot, a lot. I may actually do a separate post to elaborate, but right now I will talk about what I learned about my hair. Seriously. 

It was in Portland, Oregon, the ‘weird’ city where I learned the most about my hair. Whodathot?! Well, not me. 

Also, may I mention that in my reality, Portland is not at all weird. It’s actually completely and totally regular and sensical. It’s normal and truthful, honest and real. Things make sense in my world in Portland. 

So we visited some people whom my husband and I are a new friend of, and I met this guys wife for the first time. 

“I LOVE her hair” I thought to myself.

“I could get hair like that.”

After we had left I realized this. So I texted her. 

“I love your hair. Are you working toward dreads? Please share with me!”

“Nope, it’s my sweaty gym hair, I have done nothing with it, literally.” She said.

Slightly embarrassed, I still longed for this woman’s sweaty gym hair on my head…

So, I have not washed my hair from that point until now. Actually, since in Victoria on September 24th.  It is a really hard thing to not do, but I feel successful so far. 

Not exactly sure where I’m going but enjoying the journey!!  And happy to be challenging the status quo.

Love and light and greasy hair to all!



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