Common Lies Surrounding Child Discipline

I am brushing up on my disciplining skills. Okay, I’m really learning all these things for the first time. I need help when it comes to disciplining my child of 15 months (and as he grows), this intimate level of discipline is new to me!

I’m reading No Drama Discipline by Siegel and Bryson.  They have some really great things to say!  Thanks to my chiropractor who recommended this nurturing-style book of disciplining the Whole-Brain way.

Here are some common lies of discipline that (mostly) shocked me:

1. Applying a rigid one-size-fits-all approach to every disciplining scenario is the best way to go.

2. Time outs are effective at helping the child to calm down and reflect on their behavior.

3. When a child misbehaves, it’s important that you address the behavior right away. Otherwise, they won’t understand why they are being disciplined.

4. When a child is having a tantrum she/he is seeking attention and if we ignore her/him we can stop reinforcing this negative behavior.

7. If I give my child attention and connection then I am spoiling them.

Sorry, if this post leaves you wondering:  ‘okay, so the opposite is true??  How do I move forward??’  That’s the beauty, go ahead and read the book yourself! Let your curiosity be piqued and find the answers for yourself. 🙂

I also liked how they talked about how many parents say ‘no’ as an automatic response. There are times to say ‘no’, but often ‘no’ can be replaced with better, more constructive words.

Happy disciplining,



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