The Secret of Mothering

I shared this this morning to my prenatal yoga class:

I once asked a very wise saint in India, “What is the meaning of the word sacrifice?” 

He said: “It is simple, it is when you take yourself out of the middle of the circle.”

When you go into labour, you take yourself out of the middle of your circle of existence, and you place your baby into it.  This light is so bright that the love for this child will lift you out of the middle into celebration.  Let your “self” fall away and become something greater than what you have ever imagined possible.

“For me,” says our student and friend Seannie, “giving birth was an act of surrender.  Suddenly I was no longer the center of the universe.”  She is the mother of three, all born at home.  Her life was so transformed from her births that she became a doula and is training to become a midwife.  Her passion to help other women is such an inspiration to me.

In the moment of birth, mothers are born as mothers, fathers are born as fathers, families are born as families.

The secret of Mothering.

-Gurmukh on page 184 in her book Bountiful, Beautiful, Blissful


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