Restorative teacher training

This weekend I embarked upon restorative teacher training at Octopus Garden Holistic Yoga Centre in Toronto. 

Before I say anything else, I want to publicly thank my incredible husband for taking care of our 17-month old for 2 days and three evenings while I was off learning incredible things. I could not have done it without you honey! And I missed you guys so much. 

Wow. It is just life-changing and eye-opening. Restorative yoga is healing. It excites me! I am thrilled to use these new truths and skills in my teaching of prenatal and postnatal yoga.

My main take-aways from this weekend were:

1) Why do we treat parts of our body as separate from the whole? “My bad knee, etc.” I am encouraged to not fight my body and my pain, longing for it to be gone. Rather, looking at it with soft eyes and acceptance. 

2) “The pose deepens because the body opens”, and not the other way around. I should reference my teacher Jesse Enright on this concept – those are his words. Being reminded of this I can see that I needn’t try and effect a change on my body. 

3) The mind-body connection and how I’m not accustomed to thinking in this way.  When asked where my mind and body were at, I confess I did not ‘rate’ my body accurately. I said I was much calmer than I actually was.  Right after I verbalized this I felt my body in a way say: “hey! Is that really true??”

More to come as I integrate my experience over the coming weeks. Excited to read the manual before the next weekend sessions!




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