Screen Media Use and Children

Last week I went to a literacy workshop at our Parent-Child Centre.  It was just fantastic.  Our little boy is almost 18 months so he’s in the throws of talking and processing books and learning to read. Now that my eyes have been opened to a few things regarding literacy development, it’s even more interesting to watch his little brain learn, develop and change.

The biggest take away for me was learning about how (and I quote from a brochure I received) “The American Academy of Pediatrics strongly discourages television viewing for children ages two years old or younger, and encourages interactive play.”

I truly had no idea of this!  I am thankful that we still have not exposed our son to much tv.  I have turned it on during a couple of occasions when my husband was away for 9 days, and I needed a little help!

The other brilliant thing I took away is that when tv is eventually introduced, do your best to use the media with your children.  This allows you to know what they are seeing and hearing, see how they are responding, talking about what they are experiencing, and give you opportunity to ask them questions to help them think about what they are experiencing.

Although it won’t be for a while yet, whenever our son does get exposed to television down the road, I definitely am interested in both of us watching this show…I stumbled across it the other day and fell in love!  Check it out.  Love the music.


Peace and love,



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