Born To Be Wild

I was blessed to share this film tonight with my husband.  It is absolutely incredible and mysterious at the same time.  A must see for parents and kids!

Ever since we visited the zoo a few weeks ago, around our house we’ve been talking about animals and zoos.  Wondering if it’s right, if it’s just, if it’s natural.  Such good questions to think about and talk about.


2 thoughts on “Born To Be Wild

  1. We also visited the zoo recently (in Winnipeg) and had the same concerns. When we learned that the main function of the Winnipeg Zoo is to help and rescue wild animals we did feel better, but there are many questions nonetheless. We will definitely have to check into this movie. Thanks!

    1. Just want to reply to say this movie does not at all talk about zoos directly, but you do get a sense of how important it is for animals to be in their natural habitat.

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