Questions About Birth You May Want to Ask Your Healthcare Provider

I am reading “Bountiful, Beautiful, Blissful”, a book by Gurmukh, an American pioneer in prenatal yoga and the mind-body connection.

I am surprised to read that she: “Does not advocate a home birth, but I (Gurmukh) do encourage healthy women to look into a home birth.”

Here is a list of brilliant questions to consider asking your birth healthcare provider:

1. Will you welcome my labour assistant in the birthing room?

2. Are eating, drinking, and walking encouraged during labour if I choose?

3. Do you require an IV hook-up as soon as I arrive?

4. What is the circumstance under which an IV will be needed?

5. What are your views on Pitocin and epidurals?

6. What’s your cesarean rate?

7. How do you define “overdue”?

8. How long do you let a woman be overdue before you advocate interventions?

9. Who covers for you if you go on vacation or need to be away during my due date, and are you close enough to your substitute to know if they share your views on childbirth?

10. Can I give birth in a squatting or vertical position if I want to?

11. How do you define a “slow” labour and do you set time limits before you suggest inducing?

12. Under what conditions would the baby’s father and I be separated from the baby?

13. What do you do if my water breaks at home?

Gurmukh advises pregnant moms to trust their intuition. If health professionals become defensive when questioned, do not have the time to answer you, or if you do not agree with what you’re told, ask yourself: “Do I want to put myself in this person’s care?”

May you be empowered to make your own birth decisions!



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