No Bananas?????!!!!

I would have started this post with a beautiful picture of a bunch of bananas, but I don’t have any. 

You might think it’s crazy, but my family has decided not to buy bananas unless they’re fairly traded.

It all started (well to be honest, this has been a long time coming…) when at the end of his sabbatical, my lovely husband read a book by Mike Yankoski entitled A Sacred Year

Amongst other things, the book is about how in every facet of life we are to be treating people with dignity and allowing them to flourish as human beings.  If I affect a person negatively, how can I change it and help them?

He sat me down after he finished the book and said: “Honey, I’d like our family to make… a few changes.”

I was listening. 

A few of the changes included the following:

-make an effort to turn off lights more (we rent and our utilities are included so we’ve taken this as an opportunity to be slack on our hydro consumption)

– bike as often as possible (easy for me, I hate driving)

– shop every week at the farmers market in order to buy local and interact with the farmers directly (I needed NO convincing of this as I usually beg him to go each week) 

– start our own balcony garden, growing vegetables and herbs

– doing laundry at the specified times

– If it’s yellow, let it mellow. If it’s brown, flush it down.

So far all the changes are going alright. It’s hard not to have grapes or avocados on a whim, and also incredible to walk into the grocery store and wonder how on earth there are two huge boxes full of corn.  Where did they come from in May?  It seems our eyes have been opened in a whole new way.

One downfall is that I’ve noticed over 50% of my breakfast recipes call for bananas. How does one make vegan pancakes without bananas???? (It is possible but the bananas make it so much better!)

We did at one point get two huge bunches of bananas from Rowe Farms, an ethical and conscious meat and vegetable shop in our neighborhood, when they we 50% off. Will have to do it again so I can get in my summertime yonanas fix!

Happy eating and ethical food decision-making!


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