29 Classes in 2 Months

At the yoga studio I work at, we recently had a competition to see who of the teachers could be the most inspired to attend as many class as they could through April and May.
Turns out I won, with 29 classes in 2 months!  I live close, didn’t have another yoga membership at the time, and the opening quality of the spring really drew me to my mat!

I just wanted to post this little thank-you note to those who supported me along the way and sacrificed for my spring training success.  I also publicly admit that one day I attended 3 yoga classes which was completely unnecessary and I’ve learned my lesson. 😉

To Jamie – for providing this opportunity to do what I love and at a time which seemed perfect for my family and my post-natal body, thanks for providing the space for me to practice.
To Maggie and Sunny and the regulars at the Tuesday morning vinyasa class- for sticking it out with my glorious and wonderfully-attached-to-me son at the age of 20-21 months. Through all the tears and screaming, and turning up the volume on the music. ;). Maggie – He just loves you now, and I don’t blame him!
To all the teachers whose classes I was blessed to attend – for nurturing the connection of my body, mind and spirit. The things I learned from you are endless and I will continue to bring them into my teaching and my body.
To Liz – for cheering me on. 🙂
To my husband Andrew – for your constant support and my many missed nights of putting our son to sleep, your devotion and care towards our family is never ending, thank you! Also for bringing my yoga pants to work so I could bike straight to class. 🙂
To my son Jadwin – thanks for giving up time with mama so she could get to ‘Yogaga’, for sticking it out with Maggie, and helping to change Sophie’s diaper that one time. I love you.
I look forward to continuing to attend more classes at the studio and be inspired by my lovely co-teachers. There is so much to learn from everyone.
Lots of love,


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