Marked Monday’s: Strawberry Picking!

Our weekly day to spend as a family are Mondays. We are so blessed to be completely free on Mondays, and if you try to contact us we often have our phones off. Nothing can distract us from our time together!

Now that the weather is warm, I have been suggesting fun and seasonally-inspired outings for us to do as a family.

Last Monday we went on a 30 km bike ride along Toronto’s beautiful waterfront (actually a surprise for me from Andrew) and yesterday we went strawberry picking at Whittamore Farms, which is actually quite close to the city.

We loved the strawberry picking so much we are hoping to go back next week for another two buckets.

So far we have made:

-Strawberry ice pops

-Cut up and froze half the bucket for smoothies

-And all three of us have eaten more strawberries that you can imagine. Baby-J just says: ‘yum’.

We also took some to our neighbours because who doesn’t want freshly picked strawberries!!

Andrew also brought up how wonderful it is to actually work for our food. I couldn’t agree more.

Signing off with Monday Love,



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