King Corn

Hello my foodie friends!

I heard about this movie while reading the book ‘Sleeping Naked is Green.’  A really great book about a Toronto girl who made a green change everyday for one year and blogged it and then published it in a book.

This movie is about corn and its prevalence in our diet. From cornmeal to high-fructose corn syrup and corn oil, and also grain-fed meat.

I will say that I have, over the past few years, heard every case for becoming vegetarian and vegan and nothing has changed me yet in this regard. However, this movie has been the closest thing to bring me to make the no-meat decision. It makes me very very very thankful for our local meat store Rowe Farms. And I am so glad to spend more money on meat compared to the regular prices at traditional supermarkets.
May this movie move your heart and inspire your being. We have one life to live – may we make good decisions for the glory of God! Taking care of ourselves and His Creation.

Much love and light,


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