I’m Pregnant!

Finally, after 13 weeks of wanting to share the news but waiting, I can safely say everyone who is important to me knows I’m pregnant.  What a relief!

It has been interesting to go through the first trimester again while having a toddler running around.  The consensus around other mamas who have had their second already is that a lot of them didn’t experience any morning sickness with their first child, but they did with their second due to being in general more tired, and also not as wonderfully nourished.  Sometimes you just have to grab what you can to eat and it might not be the best thing for you!

I am happy to say my energy is quickly coming back, and any nausea I felt is now a memory.

In addition to sharing about occasional nausea, I have been dying to share this story with you since it happened.  I am simply still in awe.


On our last home visit after Baby J was born, our midwife asked us for a cutting of a house plant that she loved.  I willingly gave her a piece, not sure if it would take, but hey, it was worth a shot!

The plant did nothing for two years.  It didn’t grow, it didn’t die.  She shared with us that she watered it, she talked to it, she gave it sunlight.  But still, nothing happened.

At the beginning of May, she said to the plant: “Alright buddy, you’ve got two weeks.  I can’t wait forever.”

About a week later, I called into the midwife clinic to make our first appointment for our second pregnancy.  (Horay!)

The next morning, when our midwife arrived in to work, the receptionist said to her: “You’ve got a repeat client.”

She said: “I know who it is!!!”

You see, the plant had sprouted two new chutes the night before.  A miracle.  She thought we would be coming back into her life, and sure enough we were. 🙂   She also thought we were having twins (because of the two chutes). 

Since then, there have grown three new chutes, I highly doubt we are having quintuplets.

I have not had an ultrasound yet, but I will surely let you know if there’s more than one baby in there. 😉


I have got a few posts lined up surrounding pregnancy and birth, so stay tuned!

Lots of love,




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