Managing Morning Sickness

Good Morning!

Well a lot has been going on over here in the last week.  My son has quit breastfeeding at 23 months, only goes poop and pee on the big-boy toilet, has taken to sleeping for a total of 15 or more hours a day, and I’m back to feeling more like my energetic self with a willingness to exercise and cook!

And at the same time, I have some things I’d like to share about morning sickness in a long over-due post.

Morning Sickness – do you know what it’s triggers are?  Since I didn’t have to deal with it in my first pregnancy, I feel like so much light has been shed on it this time around.  (Please note that all my suggestions below are merely suggestions and things that worked well for me, nothing more.)

Did you know lack of sleep makes morning sickness worse?  This was a shocker for me for some reason!  And the general consensus for second-time moms is their baseline of tiredness during their second pregnancy is slightly higher – I wonder why!  Perhaps it’s that toddler running around constantly from sun up to sun down. 😉

Also, did you know morning sickness is brought on by a blood-sugar dip?  When we get hungry this is a sign of our blood-sugar dipping. This is why new moms are recommended to eat many small meals throughout the day, sometimes as often as every 1.5-2 hours apart.  The trick is to never get hungry!  If you can prevent a blood-sugar dip, you can prevent the nausea and lack of appetite that follows (what a nasty spiral).  I confess, sometimes I feel like I NEVER stop snacking!  It can be hard to keep up with this while caring for a toddler as you can imagine.  However, it’s important to keep your fridge and pantry filled with healthy, quick snacks that you can grab on the go. I recommend simple things like cutting up all your vegetables for the week ahead of time and keeping them spritzed in a sectional container in the fridge so you can grab and go.  Also, do your best to save your energy: stick close to home when you can, and take time through the day when your child is around to prepare food and cook.  It is important for our kids to handle healthy food and watch us cooking at an early age so they associate this as a daily habit and regular occurrence.  My crafty brother-in-law made a learning tower for my son for Christmas last year which is incredibly handy in the kitchen.  I will post on that soon.

Did you know combining proteins and fats can curb morning sickness?  Protein is the building blocks for your new baby and fats are what keeps your hunger at bay.  The average woman needs 15 grams of protein a day, but the average pregnant woman needs 70 grams!  That’s a HUGE difference!  So be sure to keep your protein stocked in the fridge.  I always have hemp hearts, nuts and seeds, nut butter, cottage cheese, avocado (fats), and hard boiled eggs on hand.  A hard boiled egg is a wonderful combination of protein and fats that can help any pregnant woman get through the next couple hours.

If you wake up hungry and already feel ‘gross’ before you open your eyes, a good strategy is to prepare something the night before and have it ready in the fridge or right on your bedside table.  My midwife suggests having a glass jar of nuts (I also always have ginger chews by my bed) at the bedside for those hard mornings, most likely when you didn’t sleep well through the night.  My husband also graciously would get up right away to bring me some overnight oats or a protein-packed smoothie before getting out of bed.  This helps a LOT!

Another strategy in case you are easily disgusted by EVERYTHING, is to eat the thing you want to eat (a bun or piece of toast for example) that you know won’t satiate you (doesn’t contain significant protein or fats) to get the hunger away and then right away use that energy to prepare something that is healthier and will better satiate you.  This strategy works well to stave off the hunger and give you a minute to think about your best or quickest healthy option.

And my last suggestion if all these are still not helping and you still feel a baseline of grossness, cancel as many of your plans as you can and sleep a LOT and then go out to get Ginger Gravol.  Yes, Gravol makes an anti-nausea pill that is natural, PURE concentrated ginger!  It is safe and effective when taken over time.  One of the only things I’ll buy at the drugstore!

And as always, I suggest considering the above (or other) natural options before taking any heavier meds!

Much love, patience, and happy food-preparing in your pregnancies!




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