Stretch Mark Cream

The next natural beauty product I’ve been blessed to make is a Stretch Mark Cream.

Now, for my first pregnancy I’m so grateful to say I did not get stretch marks. But I’ll have you know I didn’t make and use this cream in my first pregnancy. All I did was put pure cocoa butter on my tummy, and it worked like a dream.

But this time around I had a recipe from For The Love of Body and all the ingredients, so I went for it!

The result is a smooth and buttery cream that I slather on my growing tummy as often as I can (1-2 times per day).

Here are the ingredients as pictured above:

-1 part shea butter

-1 part cocoa butter

-1 part coconut oil

-1/4 part apricot kernel oil

-1 part calendula infused olive oil

-vitamin E

Using your double broiler or a pot and stainless steel bowl, melt the butters and then add the coconut oil and melt.  Take away from heat and stir in liquid oils, then add a little vitamin E.  Pour into a jar and store at room temperature.  Use generously!

Happy belly-stretching,



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