Fruit Roll Ups

My generous neighbour recently let us borrow her behemoth of a dehydrator!  It was timed perfectly with our picking strawberries and also my recent second batch of homemade almond milk.

So far, I have dehydrated a batch of raspberry puree and also a batch of raspberry and applesauce puree.  The attempts were to make fruit leather, but I came up with more of a fruit roll-up situation.  Next time I believe the trick will be to just pour and not spread it out to create a thicker leather.

The process for the fruit leather is simple: just purée your choice of fruit in a blender and pour onto parchment paper and dehydrate at 135 degrees for about 6 hours or until leathery.  If the fruit is tart like raspberries, you can add applesauce and/or a little maple syrup to sweeten it up. The combinations of fruit are endless!

The almond milk recipe left me with 1.5 cups (x2) of almond meal!  So I made a batch of basic granola with the meal.  It turned out lovely, as babyJ would say in the mornings as he eats his granola and goat’s milk yogurt: “yum!”

I could get used to having the option to dehydrate!  Like Eddie says on ‘Friends’, “I’m a dehydrating maniac!!!!”

Happy dehydrating!




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