My Pregnancy Journal

My new pregnancy journal came in the mail today!

It took quite a bit of deliberation to decide on which journal to get for this, my second, pregnancy.

For my first, I had the big mother-of-all pregnancy journals. Room for everything from pictures, and small items in folders to lots and lots of writing space.

This lovely journal I found was created by Nikki McClure, and it is simply exactly what I was looking for this time around.

One of the things that caught my attention about this journal, is that Nikki McClure is from Olympia, Washington which was one of our stops on our tour to the West Coast last fall.  We just loved this quaint and beautiful city, and shared many sweet memories there with our one-year-old at the time. So that drew me to this journal in a unique way!

With lots of room for writing, McClure also draws attention to Midwifery specifically (very contrary to the other journals I found out there which largely follow a medicalized birth), and also lists ‘yoga’ first in activities to do to stay in shape in pregnancy. MY type of journal to say the least!

Lastly, there’s a LOT of room for creativity; to draw, create, and imagine, as well as dive beneath the deepest of layers of this inward journey.  I look forward to taking the time to turn inward once again while so much of my current life is outward-focused.  What a glorious opportunity!

This pregnancy is so different from my first, already, in so many different ways. I feel it is incredibly NON-exciting compared to my first, and also almost NON-precious. But I take each moment as it is and remember to not compare, savouring each day and remembering these days are numbered.

I hope to share more of my love for this journal as the days progress!

Happy loving and journalling,



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