Toddler Lavender Pillow

The idea struck for the creation of this child’s pillow when we were at a health food store in Quebec City this past March. The store had in stock a kid’s pillow from the same company that makes my pillow (Naturest). I should have bought it when I saw it bc I can’t find it anywhere now.  But then again, if I did, I wouldn’t have had the privilege of making it by hand for my son. 

Since we’re now pregnant again, we’re thinking about sleeping arrangements going forward. In the near future we may take down the side of my son’s crib to turn it into a toddler bed.  That creates an opportunity for a pillow like this! 

It’s a little smaller than I realize I may like now, 9×12 inches. But none-the-less I really enjoy how it turned out. 

I created a permanent envelope that I sewed shut out of the sweet deer fabric (one of my faves!). I filled it with leftover hulled buckwheat (which came from my pillow), some dried lavender I had on hand, and also some flax seed to amp up the volume (not pictured). I also added one drop of lavender essential oil (not pictured) to be sure the smell lasted a good while. 

I created an envelope with a simple overlap in the back as the cover.  It’s able to be removed for laundering.  

Baby J opened it the night before his birthday and immediately laid his head down on it! I was kinda surprised. Not sure if he makes a point to be close to it in the night but I can see him enjoying sleep with it as he grows. 

Happy pillow love,



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