What a day.

My son talks, a lot. And very clearly for a new two year old. He says and understands words like: excavator, exercise, sacrum, locomotive, and the latest: double decker tour bus.  He talks and talks and talks. My husband talked very early as well and speaks for a living, so really I shouldn’t be surprised.

But today I was blown away, twice.

Sitting at lunch with this little goober, I can tell he’s trying to get something out. We’re eating homemade squash soup and he keeps saying “soup badhaba” or some variation of this.

I said: “No honey, it’s squash soup.”  Haha! As if I knew what I was talking about.

Later, I was up and in the kitchen and he says it again, really trying to get it out. I realize he saying “Supta Baddha Konasana”, which is Reclined Butterfly Pose in Sanskrit. The fact that he was eating “Soup-ta” kick started it. I literally almost crapped my pants, and then went over to my phone to video it, obviously.

My child is speaking in Sanskrit.

The second jaw-dropping moment came at dinner. I was telling my husband about our son’s brilliant speaking moment when my husband said: “Ahh legs up the wall pose.” I quickly corrected him, that no it was Reclined Butterfly.  Our son then looks at me and points to the wall and says “Mango”.

Once again, I say: “Yes honey you had a piece of dried mango this afternoon.” Ha! Again, what a silly Mom…

He pointed at the wall again (to where our yoga cat calendar is) and said: Mango!  And again my jaw dropped. I went over to the calendar, found the picture of Mango the Cat who indeed, had his legs in Butterfly Pose. WTF.

So there it is! Our 2-year old Sanskrit antics for a Wednesday evening.

I hope you have enjoyed.



One thought on “Soup-ta 

  1. Amazing!! And don’t give your husband all the credit for little one’s speaking abilities! He’s obviously learning those words from you!!

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