7 Natural Remedies for Hemorrhoids

It’s nothing to be ashamed of.

May my struggles and learnings from my lovely hemorrhoids only help others!

This is why I’m posting about hemorrhoids. I never would have dreamed of talking about this publicly in the past, but these little buggers have been such a part of my life and I’ve learned so much from having them, that I’m here to say: “You’re not alone in having hemorrhoids! And here’s what might help!”

Of course the pregnant, birthing, and post-partum body can be largely susceptible to hemorrhoids. Hence why I’m posting about this now.  I’m using many of these remedies everyday to keep my hemmies at bay.  Mamas, listen up!

1. A cool shower, or even better – alternating between hot and cold in the shower. This stimulates your lymphatic system and can help with ‘closing’ things (veins, sphincters, etc.) up, the opposite of solely heating and thereby opening up the body. Do you see what I mean?

2. Topical Treatments: Venoforce, Geranium Essential Oil & Witch Hazel – A. Vogel makes a product called ‘Venoforce’ which can help.  I have the gel as opposed to the tablets in this link.  Geranium Essential Oil has been known to help as well. I use both everyday. Both products are also good to improve venous return in the case of varicose veins which can also be common in pregnancy.

Also of course, you can buy witch hazel. Please do not go to Shoppers Drug Mart for this! Their products are watered down and not effective. You can get Thayers Witch Hazel from your local health food store. Don’t get one of the scented ones, rather the original or aloe vera.

Alternatively, you can buy the witch hazel herb and steep it like you do tea.  Cool it and use that topically.  Post-partum mamas often like this sprayed onto a cotton reusable pad and then frozen before putting on their lady parts.  So refreshing right after birth!

3. Eating healthy, whole foods – I often find that when I eat something unhealthy, or when I have a lot of wheat my hemmies act up.  For example two nights ago we went out to a pub and I had a poutine.  There was very little nutrition in it and the next day I could tell because of my bottom!  Wheat also tends to ‘clog’ you up, back up your bowels, etc, so I find if I minimize my wheat intake I feel a lot better overall.

4. Pelvic floor physio/exercises – I wouldn’t have believed this in my first pregnancy, but it’s definitely true!  Your pelvic floor extends all the way back to incorporate your anal sphincter, so if these muscles are toned, you may gain great help in the hemorrhoid department.

5. Hydration – The key to life.  A healthy body is a hydrated body!  Check out the app WaterMinder for a daily reading on your water intake and what you should be drinking.  I have not used it much but my husband claims it has changed his life (and he is my inspiration!).  Water keeps our bowels hydrated.  Did you know if you’re dehydrated, your body will take it from your bowels?  We want those bowels nice and hydrated so they will be eliminated from our bodies easily.

6. Breathing down bowel movements instead of straining – I learned about ‘breathing it down’ from my Hypnobirthing class!  They have you practice before your birth by ‘breathing down’ your bowel movements.  The key is to wait until you definitely have to go (you can’t do anything else) and then just sit down on the toilet.  As you exhale, imagine you’re breathing down your bowels.  It’s incredible!

7. Elevating your feet on the toilet – The Squatty Potty is revolutionary, but you can also just use a simple stool for $12.99 from Canadian Tire.  Ours doubles for our son to get up to the toilet/wash his hands.  Your body was made to eliminate while your spine is in flexion (like cat pose, chin to chest and tailbone drawing down).  Our standard Western toilets do not support our bodies in this shape while we’re eliminating!  It brought new meaning to when I went to China and literally had to squat most of the time – the way it was meant to be!

That’s all for now!  All the best in your hemorrhoid prevention/elimination.  Do not believe what people say – you don’t have to suffer forever, and your only option isn’t just surgery!

Much hemmie love,


**Please note that this post in no way replaces medical advice.  Please consult your naturopathic doctor before taking on any of these suggestions, and of course for dosing. These remedies have worked for my body and this post is merely a summary of my suggestions.

Toddler Lavender Pillow

The idea struck for the creation of this child’s pillow when we were at a health food store in Quebec City this past March. The store had in stock a kid’s pillow from the same company that makes my pillow (Naturest). I should have bought it when I saw it bc I can’t find it anywhere now.  But then again, if I did, I wouldn’t have had the privilege of making it by hand for my son. 

Since we’re now pregnant again, we’re thinking about sleeping arrangements going forward. In the near future we may take down the side of my son’s crib to turn it into a toddler bed.  That creates an opportunity for a pillow like this! 

It’s a little smaller than I realize I may like now, 9×12 inches. But none-the-less I really enjoy how it turned out. 

I created a permanent envelope that I sewed shut out of the sweet deer fabric (one of my faves!). I filled it with leftover hulled buckwheat (which came from my pillow), some dried lavender I had on hand, and also some flax seed to amp up the volume (not pictured). I also added one drop of lavender essential oil (not pictured) to be sure the smell lasted a good while. 

I created an envelope with a simple overlap in the back as the cover.  It’s able to be removed for laundering.  

Baby J opened it the night before his birthday and immediately laid his head down on it! I was kinda surprised. Not sure if he makes a point to be close to it in the night but I can see him enjoying sleep with it as he grows. 

Happy pillow love,


Stretch Mark Cream

The next natural beauty product I’ve been blessed to make is a Stretch Mark Cream.

Now, for my first pregnancy I’m so grateful to say I did not get stretch marks. But I’ll have you know I didn’t make and use this cream in my first pregnancy. All I did was put pure cocoa butter on my tummy, and it worked like a dream.

But this time around I had a recipe from For The Love of Body and all the ingredients, so I went for it!

The result is a smooth and buttery cream that I slather on my growing tummy as often as I can (1-2 times per day).

Here are the ingredients as pictured above:

-1 part shea butter

-1 part cocoa butter

-1 part coconut oil

-1/4 part apricot kernel oil

-1 part calendula infused olive oil

-vitamin E

Using your double broiler or a pot and stainless steel bowl, melt the butters and then add the coconut oil and melt.  Take away from heat and stir in liquid oils, then add a little vitamin E.  Pour into a jar and store at room temperature.  Use generously!

Happy belly-stretching,


Baby Bum Powder

If you know me, you know I’m ruthlessly devoted to natural body products for my family, especially when it comes to my son.

Which is why I made this baby bum powder with a recipe from the wonderful folks over at For The Love of Body.  Thanks Kathrin!

Here are the lovely ingredients for the powder. I ordered most of them online through Saffire Blue, a Canadian company out of Tillsonburg.

  • Arrowroot powder
  • Kaolin clay (draws out the moisture from baby’s bum, preventing rashes and soothes skin)
  • Chamomile flowers (dried) (helps to speed wound healing, fight infection, reduce inflammation)
  • Calendula flowers (dried) (anti-fungal, anti-septic, anti-parasitic, anti-inflammatory)
  • Lavender essential oil (calming)

Basically you grind up the flowers in your coffee or nut/seed grinder. Place 1/2 a cup of clay and 1 cup arrowroot powder along with a tablespoon of each ground flower. Add 20 drops of lavender and mix with a fork.

Pour mixture into a small but tall mason jar.

I just happened to have these plastisol lids my mom found. You can find them online here.  

Andrew was very successful in poking holes in them to create a cute little mason shaker. All you need is a hammer, small nail, and you can’t see it but there’s a little circle of cork under the lid to support it as you bang. 

For traveling, just place a flat sealed part of a mason jar lid under this plastisol lid so you don’t have any spills. 

There you have it! Fresh, chemical-free baby bum powder that you don’t have to worry about putting on your precious baby’s bottom. Plus, in a cute little shaker.  And, it’s worlds cheaper than buying the natural stuff at the store. I’m making a few for my new moms-to-be as shower gifts.  

From personal experience, I basically used 1.5 of these shakers through my sons baby-powdering days. This shaker will go a long way!

If you’re wondering what on earth is wrong with regular baby powder, check out my earlier post with a link to an article about talc (can be laced with asbestos).

Also, if you’re interested to find out what’s in the body products you use everyday, check out the skin deep database.

Please always be sure to watch you don’t shake a lot of the powder, causing you or baby to inhale. No matter what the particle, you don’t want them in your lungs.

If you have any questions or comments, please leave them!