What a day.

My son talks, a lot. And very clearly for a new two year old. He says and understands words like: excavator, exercise, sacrum, locomotive, and the latest: double decker tour bus.  He talks and talks and talks. My husband talked very early as well and speaks for a living, so really I shouldn’t be surprised.

But today I was blown away, twice.

Sitting at lunch with this little goober, I can tell he’s trying to get something out. We’re eating homemade squash soup and he keeps saying “soup badhaba” or some variation of this.

I said: “No honey, it’s squash soup.”  Haha! As if I knew what I was talking about.

Later, I was up and in the kitchen and he says it again, really trying to get it out. I realize he saying “Supta Baddha Konasana”, which is Reclined Butterfly Pose in Sanskrit. The fact that he was eating “Soup-ta” kick started it. I literally almost crapped my pants, and then went over to my phone to video it, obviously.

My child is speaking in Sanskrit.

The second jaw-dropping moment came at dinner. I was telling my husband about our son’s brilliant speaking moment when my husband said: “Ahh legs up the wall pose.” I quickly corrected him, that no it was Reclined Butterfly.  Our son then looks at me and points to the wall and says “Mango”.

Once again, I say: “Yes honey you had a piece of dried mango this afternoon.” Ha! Again, what a silly Mom…

He pointed at the wall again (to where our yoga cat calendar is) and said: Mango!  And again my jaw dropped. I went over to the calendar, found the picture of Mango the Cat who indeed, had his legs in Butterfly Pose. WTF.

So there it is! Our 2-year old Sanskrit antics for a Wednesday evening.

I hope you have enjoyed.


New York, New York

Manhattan, one of my favourite places on the earth!

My little family and I just took a short little jaunt over to the Big Apple for a mini getaway before the new baby comes after Christmas. We had some good times!

The purpose of the trip was pleasure, but as of late, all our trips end up being about two things: coffee and yoga.

I find a studio to take a class or two at and my husband finds a couple, (or 3 or 7) coffee shops to try out.

Since I’m not really the coffee drinking type (I don’t drink it at all actually), I’m going to leave the coffee business out of this post. 🙂

I was blessed to visit two yoga studios on this trip. I thought the first was going to be a prenatal class, but in the end it wasn’t so. It was a kundalini class at Golden Bridge Yoga NYC. They also have a studio in LA. This is the studio founded by Gurmukh, a fantastic prenatal yoga teacher in America. I use her book ‘Bountiful, Beautiful, Blissful’ as a resource in my prenatal classes very often.  It was a joy and honour to practice at one of her studios! The studio was wonderful and truthful, the class was interesting and different than anything I’ve ever done. I’m definitely glad I visited.

The second yoga class I took was a parent and toddler class in Chelsea  (the above photo was taken at the Chelsea high line – so beautiful!) at Karma Kids Yoga. We had the lovely and inspiring Amanda as our teacher and we were happy to have two other kids in the class!

I just began teaching a family yoga series at the studio I work at, so Amanda’s class served as a little R&D for my burgeoning kids/family teaching practice. We practiced to sweet songs and read one of my favourite books for story time at the end – Eric Carle’s ‘From Head to Toe’. I really felt like this class was right up my alley and it was so wonderful to see my son growing his own yoga practice. He learned so much in that 45 minutes that he’s still using today. 🙂

The next day of our trip we spent some time in Brooklyn which has more options for kids yoga. I didn’t want to hijack my son’s NYC experience, so when we asked him if he’d rather do yoga or art, and he picked art, I let go of doing more yoga with him. Hard to do,  but a good thing in the end I think.  We enjoyed an art activity with him at the Brooklyn Children’s Museum, it wasn’t too bad actually.

After three sleeps, it was hard to leave Manhattan, aside from my low back being tired from all the walking!  New York will always be close to my heart, and I still hope one day my family and I can spend an extended period of time there – that has never changed.

Happy Baby-Mooning!


J’s Learning Tower

‘Up Mommy, Up!!!!!!!!!!’

That used to be the anthem of my son, along with ‘carry’ or ‘see’.  Now all I say is, “Go get your learning tower and climb up!”

I heard about this learning tower business a while ago from a friend of mine.  You can buy them outright or do an Ikea Hack which is more work, but cheaper overall.  We went for the Ikea Hack.

I bought the stool from Ikea, and then my super handy Brother-In-Law designed and constructed this beautiful tower for my son for Christmas last year.  It has turned out to be one of our most loved and well-used posessions!  Thanks a million Jeff!

And so now, my son participates in my daily home life with me: We love preparing and cooking meals, doing the dishes, making snacks, watering the plants behind the sink, emptying the dishwasher, getting stuff out of the freezer, looking at recipes, etc – we do it all together!!!  Sometimes he will bring over a book or we’ll set up some painting or drawing at the kitchen counter so he can be close to me if he wants.  It works so beautifully.  I feel like I can get a lot done and he feels involved in our home life.

If you’re wondering about the safety bar, it’s on a swivel so it swings around and hooks on the right side (in the picture).

Leave a comment if you’re interested in this tower concept or have any questions.

Much love, light, and safe toddler participation in all the daily tasks of life!



Marked Monday’s: Strawberry Picking!

Our weekly day to spend as a family are Mondays. We are so blessed to be completely free on Mondays, and if you try to contact us we often have our phones off. Nothing can distract us from our time together!

Now that the weather is warm, I have been suggesting fun and seasonally-inspired outings for us to do as a family.

Last Monday we went on a 30 km bike ride along Toronto’s beautiful waterfront (actually a surprise for me from Andrew) and yesterday we went strawberry picking at Whittamore Farms, which is actually quite close to the city.

We loved the strawberry picking so much we are hoping to go back next week for another two buckets.

So far we have made:

-Strawberry ice pops

-Cut up and froze half the bucket for smoothies

-And all three of us have eaten more strawberries that you can imagine. Baby-J just says: ‘yum’.

We also took some to our neighbours because who doesn’t want freshly picked strawberries!!

Andrew also brought up how wonderful it is to actually work for our food. I couldn’t agree more.

Signing off with Monday Love,


Bawling Like A Baby

You may or may not know I teach a prenatal yoga class on Friday mornings at Toronto Yoga Mamas, a pre and post-natal yoga studio in downtown Toronto’s East Side.

This past week we focused our practice on The Spine and our theme was ‘Tension’.  I have been taking some pride in planning and theme-ing my classes the past few weeks, aiming to build in structure and cohesion to the poses, breath-work and meditation.

To start class, each Mama got into a comfortable position and I read this little blurb on Motherhood that my fancy and beautiful friend Rosilee wrote.  I am glad to say that I almost couldn’t get through it for the tears screaming forth.  Something took over me.  I held it together, but I more or less could have bawled like a baby.

Here it goes:

Being a mother has not come easily for me.  I grew up dreaming about becoming a mom and had always believed I was well-suited for the role.  After seven fabulous years as a couple, our first  pregnancy and birth were more wonderful than we could have hoped and my expectations were soaring as I dove head-first into my life as a mother.  As we’ve changed and grown as a family, it isn’t hard to embrace my three children whole-heartedly; I am overwhelmed by their incredible capacity for wonder, curiousity, magic and love.  In the midst of the magic though, if I’m honest, there is still a certain sadness as I mourn the loss of the life I had, and loved, before my kids came along.  There is always a tension inside me between letting go and embracing, needing and meeting needs, welcoming the new and letting the old slip away.  This tension that I feel brings a certain fierceness to the love that I have for my family because I know that the incredibly meaningful moments that we share and the life we have together takes hard work and a lot of sacrifice from each of us.  We have each given ourselves to this family, and together we are writing an incredible love story.  

Bless you Rosilee.  Thanks for sharing your gift of writing and your experience in Motherhood.  🙂
May each of you have light and acceptance in your tension.